How to Accomplish Difficult Newborn Baby Photoshoots

A difficult photo shoot I had was a newborn photo session when the baby wouldn’t stop crying the whole time. The parents had been traveling for hours just to have me take the pictures, and they had high expectations of my work. It turned out that the infant was not feeling well. No matter what I did to comfort him, he was always fussy and uncooperative. I felt bad because the distance they had to travel to come to my studio was great and their infant was fussy. I stretched my working time, which is 3 hours max, to see if I can get a worthy image of their precious infant. Every technique I know was exhausted to be able to work with this beautiful yet fussy little angel.

In the end, I was able to capture a few beautiful images of the infant and the parents. During the presentation, the parents were surprised and grateful that I was so patient with their newborn and still came up with some beautiful images. I was relieved and happy that my clients were satisfied given the situation.

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