Newborn Photo Session

Newborns are my favorite subjects to photography and what our studio has become known for. When my son was born, he was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, but he almost seemed to change and grow right before my eyes. Now he is a teenager and I cherish every image of his first day because I know he will never be that small again.

When to Schedule Your Newborn Photo Session

You should schedule you newborn session BEFORE your baby is born. To insure the sleepy, curly, newborn poses, it’s best to capture when newborns are less than 10 days old. There will be plenty of time during the session to stop to feed and change the baby, so don’t worry if we need to interrupt the session for either. Please bring all the necessary supplies!

Where: All newborn sessions will be held in my home studio in Powell. Photograph newborn takes a lot of patience, it usually last for about 2 hours. All props are provided for the session, so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything.

Rate: Newborn session fee is $159. I also offer a Baby First Year Milestone: newborn, sitting up, and 1st birthday for $379.

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