Photography Equipment and Strategies for Shooting Your Own Images

Columbus OH Newborn PhotographyGoing to a professional studio in Columbus, Ohio, to capture the most important life events, such as maternity, newborn, 6 months, and 1 year old, is the right decision to ensure the best quality pictures you can get. But what about the period in between these stages? How can you capture the fleeting moments, such as when your baby started to crawl or walk for the first time? With this article, I hope to share some tips and tricks so anybody with a digital camera–even a smartphone camera–can take a decent picture to document life moments. This could be especially helpful for newborn photography or finding newborn photography equipment.


  • Find an uncluttered room so can focus better on the subject.
  • White or neutral colored walls blend nicely with the subject.
  • Rooms with a lot of natural light will give the subject good exposure.
  • Hang a white sheet from the ceiling and cover the end over the floor, this will create a nice background.


  • Plan your shoot so the subject is on the best mood of the day. If photographing a baby, do it after a nap.
  • Take pictures at the time of a day when plenty of natural lights are coming through your windows for hours. This way you don’t have to rush the shoot.
  • If the room gets harsh Columbus, Ohio, sunlight, soften it with a thin, white sheet or a sheer white curtain.

Know your camera

  • A digital camera or smartphone camera is a great tool. Knowing how to use it is very important. Explore all the menu options, try different modes and compare the outcomes.
  • Read the manual of your newborn photography equipment, you’ll be surprised on the features that you’ve missed, even after owning it for years.
  • Don’t be shy to ask technical forums on how to properly use the camera.
  • Write down recipes of camera settings for a particular styled shot.

Use meaningful props

  • A simple wooden stool can be a great addition to your subject. Usually the simpler the better. You don’t want to distract your subject with unnecessary props.
  • Match the occasion of your shoot. Get the outfits and accessories for your subject that highlights the theme of the shoot. It doesn’t need to break the bank. Simple mix and match or custom adjustments will help put a different light on your subject.

Edit your photos

  • Taking the pictures is only 50% of the job done. You need to import and edit them on the computer. Do Google search on free or open source image editing applications. Some of these are pretty powerful and can yield beautifully edited pictures.
  • Look for free online courses on image editing. Apply it right away to your pictures and learn by trial and error.
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